Fleur de Savagnin

The barrels of this savagnin are regularily topped-up (ullage). It should be enjoyed at 12°C on asian or spicy dishes.


100 % savagnin on grey marl soils. Barrels always topped.

  • Return of 35 to 40 hl/ha
  • Hand harvest and strong selection during harvest.
  • Pneumatic press for gentle extraction on whole clusters of grapes.
  • Indigenous yeasts, without sulphur added.
  • Settling of the must for 12 hours with no added product.
  • Start of alcoholic fermentation in tanks at temperatures inferior to 22°C controlled by a system of cooling coils.
  • Second stage of alcoholic fermentation in 228 litre barrels, no new barrels.
  • Malolactic fermentation in barrels the following spring with top-ups of the ullage every 10 days without So2.
  • For a mineral taste, vinification in old wooden barrels, on the lees. Barrels are regularly topped up for 18 months at least, with no added sulphite.
  • Bottling is according to Maria Thun’s lunar calendar. 


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