Savagnin de Voile

The spicy aromas of this vintage accompanies perfectly tradition Jura dishes such as cream morels, but also oriental cuisine and dishes based on curry, safron, ginger, chilli…


100 % savagnin on grey marl soils.

This Savagnin is kept under its veil (barrels are not topped), as is the case for Vin Jaune, for about 3 years.

  • Very much the Vin Jaune ‘s little brother.
  • This vintage stems for the yearly selective sorting of the ageing Vin Jaune barrels. Only a third of the barrels which are never topped with have the character to endure the 7 years ageing to become Vin Jaune. The other barrels will be assembled to create the Savagnin de voile.
  • Return of 30 to 35 hl/ha
  • Hand harvest and strong selection during harvest.
  • Pneumatic press for gentle extraction on whole clusters of grapes.
  • Indigenous yeasts, between 0 and 30mg/l of sulphur added to the must, depending on the acidity and general heath of the must.
  • Settling of the must for 12 hours with no added product.
  • Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in tanks .
  • Second stage of alcoholic fermentation in 228 litre barrels, no new barrels.
  • Ageing for 3 years in old barrel without sulfur and topping up.
  • Bottling according to Maria Thun’s lunar calendar. 


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